Adventure to the Impregnable Castle, “Kanayama Castle”

“Kanayama Castle” is a mountain castle built in the first year of the Bunmei era (1469). Despite enduring numerous attacks from figures such as Uesugi Kenshin and Takeda Katsuyori, it has never allowed enemy infiltration, earning its reputation as an impregnable mountain castle. Traces of facilities like earthen walls and moats still…

Journey to the Summit: Exploring Mt. Nantai

Mt. Nantai: A Mountain of Faith Established by Shodo Shonin “Mt. Nantai” is a volcanic peak with an elevation of 2,486 meters located in Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture. It stands magnificently by the shores of Lake Chuzenji, displaying its beautiful presence. This mountain area has been regarded as a sacred site for…

Walking around the Ota Kanayama Orienteering Permanent Course.

Every time I came across a sign in the mountains with “mysterious alphabets” written on it, I wondered what it was. However, recently I discovered a sport called orienteering. It turns out that those “mysterious signs” were actually orienteering posts. After researching, I found out that there is also a permanent orienteering…

Exploring the Source of the Kiryu River, Aiming for the Sacred Mountain of Nemotoyama in Kiryu City

“Nemotoyama” has been revered as a sacred mountain in the tradition of mountain worship since ancient times. Its history dates back to the first year of the Tenshō era (1573), when the remnants of the Kiryu clan initiated the worship of Nemotoyama. During the Edo period, it gained popularity to the extent…

Reflecting Forward: One Year After the Relapse of Crohn’s Disease

Around this time last year, my Crohn’s disease had resurfaced and I was in the worst condition. However, looking back now, there were also aspects in which I was able to move forward thanks to Crohn’s disease. Facing death allowed me to reflect on my way of living and I was able…

Conquering Chuzenji Lake: A Journey Around the Serene Waters

I walked around the Chuzenji Lake circuit trail to overcome my lack of exercise. The distance around Chuzenji Lake is approximately 24 kilometers, and the accumulated elevation gain is around 890 meters (according to YAMAP). Since it’s just a loop around the lake, it may seem like there is little difference in…

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